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One night back in January of this year, Jason and I were browsing music blogs, and You Tube when we stumbled upon this man, Tonetta 777. Immediately we were intrigued. All of his songs had awesome titiles like Drugs Drugs Drugs, Rape Victim, I'm Still a Slave, A Really Big Cock, and so on. Almost every song had a video for it, all of which starred Tonetta himself sometimes wearing a dress, sometimes in revealing undies, a lot of the times wearing a creepy mask, and always shakin his money maker. They all had colorful diamond shaped borders around them, which made me want to watch every single one of them.

After spending some time trying to figure out who this man was, we discovered he was an artist from Canada who was trying to share his art on You Tube, but kept receiving violations (there's a song about it) and getting kicked off. Everything we could find was about his fight to keep his You Tube outlet. Tonetta himself remained a mystery.

 Recently, there has been an abundant amount of press about Tonetta. Black Tent Press released a bunch of his songs on vinyl and CD, Vice Magazine wrote up an article, music blogs spanning the world are buzzing about him. I wanted to know what the deal was. Why, all of a sudden, is Tonetta the next hipster god(dess)?

I still don't know, but this morning, I got an email from my big sister who received a hot tip from her sweetheart (don't be gross, guys) with a link to an interview with Tonetta. Finally a tiny beam of light has been shed on the mystery that is Tonetta 777.

Artist Advocacy//Tonetta

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