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July-August Assignment: BREAK UP SONGS

Break Up Songs
This doesn't necessarily mean all sad songs. There is happiness, rage,
and a bunch of other feelings that may be felt during, or after a breakup.

-15 song minimum
-Track list must be included
-Cover art required
-Return address provided
-$2 for postage included
-Please keep cd anonymous (you can use an alias)
-Must be delivered by 8/20

Drop Locations:
-Leigh's hands, or apartment (email me for

New Procedure for Downloads:
Participants upload their own mixes!
Since the amount of work for Sparky and I is becoming un-fun, we have decided to pass along the responsibility of uploading to participants. If you are a participant interested in making your mix CD available for download on the blog, please stay tuned for instructions!

June Submissions: Soundtrack of Your Life