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October Assignment: FOOD

Hi All you Tender Validators-

Hope you had a great summer!

This month's assignment, we are embracing the coming winter with a theme based around what a lot of us eat more of in the colder days....

As usual, here are the parameters for your mixes...

Theme: Food
Songs: Minimum 15, Max 1 disk
Cover Art: Required
Track List: Required
Deadline: October 25th, 2009
Mail/Deliver To: TVCDOTMC
c/o Leigh Riibe
1509 E Mercer #204
Seattle, WA 98112
*Please send $3 for return postage along with your CDs.

Remember, don't get too stressed about whether you are interpreting the theme correctly. Everyone has the freedom to choose exactly how they would like to interpret it.

The way Tender Validations works is you will submit a mix, and you will receive someone else's mix in the mail about 1 week later. Downloads for every mix will no longer be made available. TVCDOTMC will be choosing the best 3 submissions to post artwork, and downloads on the blog:

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Stay warm,
Leigh XO