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R.I.P. Christopher Reimer

Christopher Reimer was the guitarist for noise-pop band Women from Calgary, Canada.  He was 26.  His sister Nikki has created a memorial website to honor his life.  He will be missed.

Tender Validations + Luxe Riot Screen Print Studio

Tender Validations has been hard at work making precious ephemera to put in with the packages we mail out to participants. Thanks to Luxe Riot Screen Print Studio, we were able to print some stickers with our own two hands. They turned out pretty nice, if I don't say so myself!

The process was pretty intense, mostly due to the fumes.

But we managed to pull it off, regardless of our altered state.

Many thanks to Eric Green for his generosity.

Remember, if you'd like a sticker in the mail, the due date for the next assignment is February 29th (in one week)!



Making Valentines for Whitney

Whitney Houston was a star, there is no denying that. Born into a soul family that included cousin Dionne Warwick, spiritual elder sister Chaka Khan, and godmother Aretha Franklin, Whitney started her larger than life singing career when she was only 21 years young. She has touched countless lives with the music she created and spread positivity throughout the world through her lyrics. 

To thank Whitney for her contribution to our lives, I am asking that you make her a Valentine. Tell her how she touched your life. Thank her for sharing her talents. And wish her well in the afterlife.

Please share your handmade and/or digital Valentines with us by  emailing a jpeg to We will be posting submissions on February 14th in her honor.

Here is my Valentine to Whitney:
I remember listening to The Greatest Love of All over and over on a mix cassette tape in the summer of 2001. I sang along at the top of my lungs in my car almost every day. It made me feel good during a time that for me wasn't so great. 

Thank you, Whitney. 
XO, Leigh

Read a great obituary written by Ann Powers here.