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Problem Solvers: Give Pizza A Chance. This is some real shit. Some really real shit. Get into it.


Dear Raffaella Carra,
I have only begun to love you, but I believe you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being such an amazing performer/style icon!
Love, Tender Validations XO.


Winter Weather got you feeling cold? ABBA!

Dear Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid,
Thank you for the music and the amazing style you brought into so many people's lives! You are solid gold.
XO Tender Validations


The Genius that is Tonetta!

FOUND! on youtube...

"Youtube has, without good reason and without warning, deleted the account of the legendary Tonetta777.

If you don't like Tonetta's style, don't watch the videos, it's as simple as that.

You can label them as objectionable, obscene, whatever you want, but fact is the man is genuinely creative and acts within the boundaries of Youtube's rules and regulations."

Click here for the Tonetta Archives! All of them totally amazing, and FREE!


January - February 2010 Assignment

January – February 2010
Due Date: February 28th, 2010
Share music, make art, and keep post alive.

How it works:
Following the assignment rules, make a mix and submit it by the deadline. The submissions will be mixed and matched to other Tender Validators, and mailed out the following week. Be sure to include (on a separate sheet of paper) the mailing address you’d like your mix to be sent.

Assignment : Make a mix that you wish someone would give to you
It’s up to you to decide who your fantasy mixologist is. Use your imagination! There will be no harsh judgment, and you have full creative license to mix it up however your little heart desires.

-15 song minimum, 1 disk/tape maximum
-Track list must be included
-Cover art required
-Return address provided (on a separate sheet of paper, please! )
-Please keep cd anonymous (you can use an alias)
-$2 for postage

Drop Locations:
-Leigh's hands (call me to coordinate a meeting time and place!)
- Zebra Club Downtown location- tell them you have a present for Jason
Mail In:
-Leigh’s Apartment (message me on FB, or email me at for address)

This could be your fantasy...

Bear Tracks 3....check it out!!!

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