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New photos by Doug Newman
Re-bar 1114 Howell Street

Doors at 8M
Jokes by Victoria Liss at 9PM
Slideshow at 9:30PM

Dance party hosted by Tender Validations to follow!
DJ Invisible Tambourine
DJ Stay-at-Home Dad
& DJ Pretty Baby

This is a night NOT TO BE MISSED! Tell your friends, and see you there!

RSVP on Facebook here!
Check out Doug and Lynda in the shop making the beautiful letter pressed posters here.  


Pillow Fight Designs is back in action!

Pillow Fight Designs is the creative brainchild of Seattle-based artist Leigh Riibe. Starting in 2003, Leigh set out to create accessible art in the form of handmade clothing and accessories including shirts, screen printed tee shirts, totes, and more.

Pillow Fight Designs has transformed itself many times over the years. As a tee shirt company all the designs are conceived and executed from start to finish by Leigh. Meaning the designs are created by her, transferred to film, burned to screens, printed by her hands and sold by her online or otherwise. Pillow Fight as a freelance design gig means working with businesses including High 5 Pie, Fuel Coffee, Molly Moon's Ice Cream, Cafe Flora, Marination Mobile, and Don't stop Believin Records to create tee shirt designs, posters, print ads, design websites, and layout album art for bands like Triumph of Lethargy, Pony Time, and Strong Killings...

Pillow Fight Designs is currently creating one-of-a-kind photo blocks. Using the increasingly popular iPhone app Instagram, Leigh prints photos she has taken in her everyday life, mounts them onto 4" x 4" wood blocks, and resin coats them. They were on exhibition in a collaborative show called "we like you" with Mika Loudon at Fuel Coffee in Seattle from Oct-Nov 2011. Below is a brief description:

"“We Like You” is an attempt at taking something so instant, accessible, and disposable back to a time that was more tangible, artistic and appreciated."


JANUARY - FEBRUARY ASSIGNMENT I wanna make love in this club: songs you wanna hear out.

Due: February 29th, 2012

As a present to you in this brand new year, we here at TVMOTMC Headquarters have decided on a theme that is pretty much wide open. Since getting our toes wet in the DJ thing, we thought it would be a good idea to get some ideas from you what we should play at our next gig.

With this assignment, you can pretend you are the DJ, and make the perfect set list for your DJ night at your favorite club. Maybe you want to go to a dark saloon and hear all the saddest music in the world while you sip on bourbon and reminisce of past loves and losses. Or perhaps you'd like to go to the local goth club and listen to 90's industrial music all night long. Maybe
you'd like to find a nice quiet library in some small town that you can swoon along to your favorite folk records. Or maybe you want to dance all night at a 3-story club in the gay neighborhood and get laid.

No matter what you decide, we hope you have fun with this assignment. And please don't forget to make beautiful cover art, include a track list, and send $3 with your mix.

♥ Share music, make art, and keep post alive.♥

How it works:
Following the assignment and the rules, make a mix and submit it by the deadline. The submissions will be made into a compilation, mixed and matched to other Tender Validators, and mailed out the following week. Participants receive an anonymous mix, a compilation, and other various tender validations. Be sure to include (on a separate sheet of paper) the mailing address you’d like your mix to be sent.

→ 12 song minimum, 1 disk/tape maximum
→ Track list must be included
→ Cover art required
→ Return address provided (on a separate sheet of paper, please! )
→ Please keep mix anonymous (you can use an alias)
→ $3 for postage

Drop Locations:
→Zebra Club 1901 1st Ave. Seattle, WA (1st & Stewart by Pike Place Market)

Mail In:
→Leigh’s Apartment (message me on FB, or email me at for address)