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BUTTS Interview!

Q: How is it that you two look so in love in every photo we have ever seen of you?
A: Alcohol.

Q: You end up on a lot of bills with bands whose names are also awesome. I just wanted to point that out. Not really a question.
A: Very ASStute

Q: What's your take on taco pizza? burger pizza?
A: Eaten them. Also a fan of macaroni and cheese pizza.

Q: If you were invited to a food illusions ("foolusions") pot luck, what real food would you recreate with other ingredients? For example: a hot dog made out of a french toast dipped bun with a chocolate dipped banana and mango and strawberry topping.
A: Pizza-Jello. Just what it sounds like

Q: What is your favorite joke?
A:  Shannon wrote it. It goes something like:

so the I-5 and the 99 are having a quiet drink at the bar
discussing their days, bitching about the changing world

and then the room silences
they turn around and see that the Burke Gilman has entred
people are visibly concerned
"oh no, not that guy"
says I 5
"why? what'd he do?" replied the 99
"He's a real cycle-path"

Q: Do you like Lindsay Lohan?
A: What's not to like?

Q: Would you kick Oprah out of your bed?
A: Depends on why she was there in the first place.

Q: If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, and no other song ever, what song would it be?
A: Good News - Hobocop