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TOMORROW! Barbara Manning / Can You Imagine? (with Fisk & Bagge) / Midday Veil at Sunset Tavern

First band (10 pm): Can You Imagine?

A Seattle band featuring seminal producer Steve Fisk on keyboards and legendary cartoonist Pete Bagge on guitar and vocals. Plus three female vocalists; Michelle Plaitis (front woman/lead singer), Rachel Frost (backing vocals and bass), Sue Merrill (backing vocals and drums). Entertaining and original songs written by the band that bl...end 1960’s British Invasion and 1970’s American punk influences. Pure Pop for now people.

Second artist (11 pm) :  Barbara Manning
Barbara Manning is legendary indie-rock singer/songwriter. In addition to her solo career, Manning has been active in a number of bands, including 28th Day, World of Pooh, S.F. Seals and The Go-Luckys! She has also distinguished herself as an interpreter of other writers' songs. Artists she has covered include The Bats ("Smoking Her Wings"), Richard Thompson ("The End of the Rainbow"), Jackson Browne ("These Days"), Portastatic ("Through With People"), and Amon Düül ("Marcus Leid"). Manning sings the opening track, "San Diego Zoo," on the 1995 album Wasps' Nests by Stephin Merritt's side project The 6ths. She released albums and/or singles on Heyday Records, Sub-Pop, Matador, and Forced Exposure Records. 
Read the article below for more info on Barbara...
 Third band (12 pm): Midday Veil

Eluding tidy categorization, Seattle synth-rock purveyors Midday Veil draw from an ever-deepening well of influences including krautrock, folk, drone, blues, noise, new age, psych, metal, and various kinds of non-western and traditional music. The band began as the duo of David Golightly (synths) and Emily Pothast (vocals + guitar). The current lineup also includes Timm Mason (aka Aphonia/Debacle solo artist Mood Organ) on baritone guitar and Chris Pollina on drums and the occasional banjo. They just released a new CD titled Eyes All Around

“Midday Veil keep on ascending to higher levels of heightened-awareness psychedelia that’s as beautiful and majestic as a satellite photo of Jupiter’s moons.” – Dave Segal, The Stranger

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