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October Assignment: FOOD

Hi All you Tender Validators-

Hope you had a great summer!

This month's assignment, we are embracing the coming winter with a theme based around what a lot of us eat more of in the colder days....

As usual, here are the parameters for your mixes...

Theme: Food
Songs: Minimum 15, Max 1 disk
Cover Art: Required
Track List: Required
Deadline: October 25th, 2009
Mail/Deliver To: TVCDOTMC
c/o Leigh Riibe
1509 E Mercer #204
Seattle, WA 98112
*Please send $3 for return postage along with your CDs.

Remember, don't get too stressed about whether you are interpreting the theme correctly. Everyone has the freedom to choose exactly how they would like to interpret it.

The way Tender Validations works is you will submit a mix, and you will receive someone else's mix in the mail about 1 week later. Downloads for every mix will no longer be made available. TVCDOTMC will be choosing the best 3 submissions to post artwork, and downloads on the blog:

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Stay warm,
Leigh XO


July-August Assignment: BREAK UP SONGS

Break Up Songs
This doesn't necessarily mean all sad songs. There is happiness, rage,
and a bunch of other feelings that may be felt during, or after a breakup.

-15 song minimum
-Track list must be included
-Cover art required
-Return address provided
-$2 for postage included
-Please keep cd anonymous (you can use an alias)
-Must be delivered by 8/20

Drop Locations:
-Leigh's hands, or apartment (email me for

New Procedure for Downloads:
Participants upload their own mixes!
Since the amount of work for Sparky and I is becoming un-fun, we have decided to pass along the responsibility of uploading to participants. If you are a participant interested in making your mix CD available for download on the blog, please stay tuned for instructions!

June Submissions: Soundtrack of Your Life


June 2009 Assignment: Sountrack of Your Life

To make a CD which encapsulates your fondest memories of music throughout your lifetime.

-15 song minimum
-Track list must be included
-Cover art not required, but tenderly suggested
-Return address provided
-$1 for postage included
-Please keep cd anonymous (you can use an alias)
-Must be delivered by 6/25

Drop Locations:
-Leigh's hands, or apartment (email me for address)


Cover Statistics

I learned a lot during this month's challenge. First, and most important, don't try to make snazzy cover art after you are already drunk. Second, despite the large amount of Britney spears covers out there, the Beatles were the most popular covered artist amongst our group of mix CDs. Third, there is a serious obsession with The Crystal's song He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss), particularly Grizzly Bear's version, though Hole's version got some love, too. I think that's enough learning for one month, now for some graphs. Don't forget to vote in the poll for July's theme over there on the right.

Other popular songs included:
A Forest (Cure cover) by Bat For Lashes (included on 4 mixes)
When You Were Mine (Prince cover) by Cyndi Lauper (included on 4 mixes)
3 different versions of When Doves Cry (Prince cover) by Ginuwine, The Be Good Tanyas and Patti Smith
This Charming Man (Smiths cover) by Stars (included on 3 mixes)
Turn Me On (Kevin Lyttle cover) by CocoRosie (included on 3 mixes)


April Mixes Online

All right, all you Tender Validators, the April mixes are now online. You can download any or all of the mixes, or stream them in your browser. You should have received a super-secret password along with your CD in the mail. To get to the online repository, go to the original April Submissions post and click on the artwork for the mix you would like to visit. The mixes will be available for about a month, or until we post next month's submissions, whichever comes first.

If you have any difficulties logging in or otherwise, please comment on this post and we'll do our best to help you out.

Some additional statistics for the April mix:
Number of CDs submitted: 15
Total Number of Songs: 262
Number of Unique Songs: 244
Average Number of Songs Per CD: 17.47
Average Track Length: 3 minutes 42 seconds
Most Used Song (3 times): Geography by Thao
Word with most Frequent Occurrence in Titles: Place



Tender Validations CD of the Month Club
May 2009 Assignment

Theme: Covers
Deadline: 5/25/09
Minimum # of Songs: 15

  • Include Track Listing
  • Send $1 (or a buck's worth of stamps)
  • Your mailing address (separate from the CD)

It's the last day of April. If I have not received your April submission by now, you have missed the boat. But, you can participate this month!

I will have all of last month's submissions mailed out tomorrow, and up on the blog for download by the 5th of May. All downloads are password protected so only participants will reap the benefits.

So get to mixing!



I just wanted to say, I have just spent the past 4 hours trying to figure out how to rip, compress, upload, and link all of your mixes to the blog.
I don't get it.
Thankfully, my super genius Vice President Sparky Pants has agreed to a conference call this evening. I will hopefully be getting this process started tonight!


Future Theme Ideas

Hey TVCDOTMC Participants and Future Participants!
I just wanted to say how e x c i t e d I am that so many of you submitted CDs this month.
T h a n k s !
I am c u r i o u s to hear some of the t h e m e ideas you all have (as I'm sure you have lots)....
so feel free to leave c o m m e n t s about what you'd like future themes to be, or any other ideas you might have for the c l u b.
I plan on m a i l i n g out the mixes by the f i r s t of May, so expect them in your mailbox sometime thereafter.
Stay tuned for the n e x t assignment!
I will be p o s t i n g it on the 30th (of April).