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Pillow Fight Designs is back in action!

Pillow Fight Designs is the creative brainchild of Seattle-based artist Leigh Riibe. Starting in 2003, Leigh set out to create accessible art in the form of handmade clothing and accessories including shirts, screen printed tee shirts, totes, and more.

Pillow Fight Designs has transformed itself many times over the years. As a tee shirt company all the designs are conceived and executed from start to finish by Leigh. Meaning the designs are created by her, transferred to film, burned to screens, printed by her hands and sold by her online or otherwise. Pillow Fight as a freelance design gig means working with businesses including High 5 Pie, Fuel Coffee, Molly Moon's Ice Cream, Cafe Flora, Marination Mobile, and Don't stop Believin Records to create tee shirt designs, posters, print ads, design websites, and layout album art for bands like Triumph of Lethargy, Pony Time, and Strong Killings...

Pillow Fight Designs is currently creating one-of-a-kind photo blocks. Using the increasingly popular iPhone app Instagram, Leigh prints photos she has taken in her everyday life, mounts them onto 4" x 4" wood blocks, and resin coats them. They were on exhibition in a collaborative show called "we like you" with Mika Loudon at Fuel Coffee in Seattle from Oct-Nov 2011. Below is a brief description:

"“We Like You” is an attempt at taking something so instant, accessible, and disposable back to a time that was more tangible, artistic and appreciated."

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