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Clyde Petersen of Your Heart Breaks, Cold Lake, and Do it for the girls Productions is raising money for an internet series Boating with Clyde!

From Boating with Clyde Kickstarter Page:
Combining the rich tradition of Fishing with John, Captain Puget, Pee-Wee's Playhouse and The Muppets, Boating with Clyde brings focus to the waterways of Puget Sound and the artists that dwell nearby. Boating with Clyde, a free internet-based program of video shorts, will feature Northwest and touring musicians and artists, performing and storytelling, while adrift on an 8-foot dinghy in the brackish waters.

Check out the trailer:

We think this is an awesome project and look forward to watching the "webisodes" to learn more about the Puget Sound's aquatic species as well as bands from around the region. Plus a fish puppet named Pinky BottomFeeder will give special underwater reports with his friend from Anacortes, Karl Blau.

Please donate and/or pass this on!

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