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JUDICIAL REVIEWS 01/05/11 Show at Fun House

Detective Agency, Butts, Pony Time, Babies

So the Ponytime/Butts show was awesome. I hadn't been to the crusty clown Fun House since 2006 when I had an unfortunate stint with the Rat City Rollergirls. It was cool this time, except for the fact that they have a basketball hoop set up outside that they won't let you play drunk!

We walked from Capitol Hill, so this was dedication. My debit card disappeared right before the show.  I was rollin' in with nothin' but the hope for good music and generous friends. Which came through in abundance...

I'd  been wanting to see both these bands for a while. We got there while Detective Agency was playing. They were cute. Reminded me of 90's indie pop like Velocity Girl or something. Butts killed it. I mean...if you're into 30 second punk songs about hangovers, which I am. For being high and not really caring, the drumming was actually good. She ripped the shit up, they were funny and brought me back to visions of Ladyfest DC. A favorite song would have to be, “The Wiggle Drip”.

The Ponytime adventure was dudical. I liked it. They took me on a wavelength that was reminiscent of random things like: the 50's, rainbows, beach parties and electrical storms. Definitely a colorful night of charming uplifting energy I was looking for in Seattle bands.    

-Bmore Free

Here's some awesome Pony Time footage!

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