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that's what she auction in olympia, wa

Each month artists donate new works based on their interpretation of a different concept. The art is displayed for one month at Quality Burrito Restaurant in Olympia, WA where the public bids. At the end of the month art finds its way to winning bidders and the proceeds are donated to various inspiring organizations.

Lynda Sherman and Leigh Riibe, quote by Jude Miqueli

This month the concept is "That's What She Said". Lynda Sherman of Bremelo Press and I have donated a collaborative letter pressed poster and it will be on display through the end of May 2012. All proceeds will be donated to Courtney's House, an organization committed to providing loving environment for girls and boys between the ages of 12 and 18 who are survivors of sex trafficking.

Below are some of the donated art works:

mixed media painting by Ryan Erev

 "Women and Elephants Never Forget"- Dorothy Parker
   drawing by Jessie Frances

"Knit for Fun and Profit" mixed media by Kelsey Smith

To see all art donations for this project, visit the Quality Burrito blog here.

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