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MARCH - APRIL ASSIGNMENT: Just Another Manic Monday: Songs about disorders

Just Another Manic Monday: Songs about disorders
Due: April 30th, 2012

Lately the Pacific Northwest has been experiencing some pretty manic weather. From sleet to snow to rain to hail to sun all in one day. While the weather patterns try to make up their minds as we ease out of winter and into spring, we thought it would be the perfect time to put together some mixes that are just as manic.

There are a lot of songs out there about being freaky, being crazy, killing yourself, going schitzo and the like, so let's hear em! Might as well go with the flow as they say. It could just be the cure for those pesky winter blues.

We hope you have fun with this assignment. And please don't forget to make beautiful cover art, include a track list, and send $3 with your mix.

♥ Share music, make art, and keep post alive.♥

How it works:
Following the assignment and the rules, make a mix and submit it by the deadline. The submissions will be made into a compilation, mixed and matched to other Tender Validators, and mailed out the following week. Participants receive an anonymous mix, a compilation, and other various tender validations. Be sure to include (on a separate sheet of paper) the mailing address you’d like your mix to be sent.

→ 12 song minimum, 1 disk/tape maximum
→ Track list must be included
→ Cover art required
→ Return address provided (on a separate sheet of paper, please! )
→ Please keep mix anonymous (you can use an alias)
→ $3 for postage

Drop Locations:
→Zebra Club 1901 1st Ave. Seattle, WA (1st & Stewart by Pike Place Market)

Mail In:
→Leigh’s Apartment (message me on FB, or email me at for address)

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