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Das Racist Review Neumos 11/9/11

Besides like one person, I don't really know anyone else who loves Das Racist like I do right now. I can't stop listening to them. The lazy stoner rhymes, underground flow and viewpoint from a brown person living in America is what I like. With beats by Diplo, punjabi hooks and political street raps, they had me at “Yo the government is lies son, United States of Google Verizon!”

At one point during the set they were like, “Who is gonna write a bad blog post about this show?!” Then they were all, “Who is going to write a positive review on a blog about this show?!”

I raised my cup up, so here we go. Mine is positive.

Das Racist encourages me to write shit how I feel. I feel like, these dudes are just saying whatever the fuck they want and it's cool, so why can't I? It's definitely a positive thing to be in the crowd at the Das Racist show. It feels like how it felt when I went to local punk shows as a teenager. Love.

The guy with the band T shirt in the front row, sucking face with an Ani Difranco look-a-like, would have to agree. I was trying not to watch them, but it was like one of those train wrecks where you can't look away. Thank god for the AIR HORN!!!!! There was definitely a fair amount of air horn to hyphy the crowd at the show. Towards the end of the set, Das Racist jumped off the stage and walked into their merch section to sell shirts while they rapped. True hustlers, I have mad respect for the ruckus they brought.

Or like the person who commented this vid on you tube says, “It’s like getting laid in the back of my favorite Indian restaurant.”



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