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It's The End of The World as We Know It. Do You Feel Fine?

According to an Oakland evangelist [who's apparently really good at math], this was our last week together, folks. How did you spend it?

I'm writing this on a Thursday. The same Thursday that happens to be the second to the last day of the World. Or, the Universe? Wait, maybe its just humanity. Maybe it's just Evangelical Christians?

I'm not sure.

But what I do know is that something is going to happen on May 21, 2011. Something. Because billboards don’t lie. For now, I’m going to do my laundry. Laundry may seem futile in the event of an apocalypse but hey, it’s always nice to have a good stash of clean drawwws in case, no?

For your amusement, I'm passing along some things you might find useful for if you're waiting for Godot or just waiting for the second spin cycle to stop. With all due respect to REM, "Gimmie Shelter," "All Along The Watchtower" and the entire Metal genre, I give you: guidance, insight, predictions and comfort of the musical variety for the end times:

Our story begins with foreshadowing.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Bad Moon Rising"

This is not an anthem to start your day. It's a call to arms!

Europe - "The Final Countdown"

Have you contemplated your mortality yet? Has something stirred inside? Maybe you need to go make some phone calls. Don't worry, you still have time. Some time.

Talking Heads - "Road To Nowhere"

Wait. Whats so funny again?

Regina Spektor - "Laughing With"

For believers.

The Wailin' Jennys - "Long Time Traveller"

Cash layn’ down the law.

Johnny Cash - "The Man Comes Around"

Back into annihilation mode! Maynard and The Gang direct their destructive feelings more toward LA and less toward the World but hey, apocalypse is apocalypse so it made the cut. Hold on to yer intestines!

Tool - "Ænema"

Re-connect with your inner goth. It might come in handy to start getting you into the post-Rapture state of mind. Practice makes perfect.

Sisters of Mercy - "Black Planet"

The end of the world is not complete without lots of face paint, drums, cymbals that magically emit smoke clouds and overexposure. The original video for this song was better.

Florence And The Machine - "Dog Days"

If anyone can send you coasting into oblivion it's Steely Dan.

Steely Dan - "King of the World"

Tom Waits, the purgatory circus ringleader himself, doing what he does best.

Tom Waits - "God's Away On Business"

José says: it's okaaay, it's just rapture.

José González - "Save Your Day"

In the end, perhaps you should just say fuck it, put on some Dylan and transcend downstream.

Bob Dylan - "Wigwam"

Thanks to TVMOTMC for helping celebrating the last week of humanity and life as we know it. Be good to each other. Over and out.
-Nicole E. Leigh

Skeeter Davis - "The End Of The World"

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