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Interview with the amazing Seattle two-piece: PONY TIME!

Pony Time is:
Luke on guitar/vocals
Stacy on disco drums

Q: Hole has "reunited". Do you think it's possible to be reunited with your band if you are the only original member?
Luke: Absolutely, although this would be problematic if it would ever happen to Pony Time, what with being a two piece and all.
S: No I don't, but I wouldn't mind watching this trainwreck happen.

Q: Tila Tequila got beat up at Juggalo Fest. Do you feel bad for her?
L: Juggalo Fest? I feel bad for nobody that would willingly put themselves in the thick of a festival whose fans are known for being mildly functioning cro-magnons with a disposition towards stabbings, public sex by the garbage dumpsters at Taco Bell, accidental run-ins with a shower once a fortnight, and a language defined more by phonetic spellings and lack of words over 2 syllables than anything else. I do feel sorry that Tila wasn't able to complete her performance, no doubt it would have been an important cultural event in the 21st century. I also feel bad a window got broken on her trailer, it's probably a nice trailer. Oh, I see she did get her tits out, so I guess she was finished with her show.
S: Juggalo Fest is widely know as a hotbed of bi-sexual aggression. She should know this.

Q: Paris Hilton was recently arrested in Las Vegas after a baggie of cocaine fell out of what authorities believe to have been her purse. Paris insists the purse was not hers. What do you think? Do you care?
L: Is she still carrying a dog around? Can't the police swab it for poo or something to verify if it is hers? So in her rear view mirror was the mutherfuckin' law. Why do the police wanna illegally search her shit? She got a few dollars, she can fight the case.
S: A couple of HJ's and she's got this. NBD.

Q: Queen Latifa was recently photographed by paparazzi snuggling up to her long time partner and personal trainer who is a LADY. Would you consider this "coming out"? Does a woman like Queen Latifa need to "come out"?
L: She's a singer, right? I don't know anything about her.
S: I'm bummed on her for being a lame Tom Cruise about this stuff. I don't even want her to be gay anymore.

Q: Amy Adams has been cast as Janis Joplin in an upcoming movie about Janis Joplin's life. Who would you have cast to play this role?
L: Probably John Belushi, because he was down with that kinda lifestyle, but he's dead. So maybe his brother Jim, he kinda picked up the Blues Brothers thing after the Chateau Marmont. So Jim Belushi.
S: Probably Rhea Perlman.

Q: Do you think celebrity news/gossip makes people less intelligent?
L: Not at all. It gives me something to talk about with all the hot babes that come to our shows.
S: Absolutely not.

Q: If you had to hear only one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?
L: I was gonna try and say something witty, but in all seriousness it might be The Fall's "Eat Y'Self Fitter" off the Perverted by Language LP. 
S: "Else" by Built to Spill. 

Pony Time Can Drink 100 Wine Coolers cassette tape available on Don't Stop Believin' Records. Check it out here. CHEAP!
To hear Pony Time, go to their Myspace page.
To stalk Pony Time, go to their Facebook page.

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