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In love with Nika Roza Danilova

You may know her from Nika & Rory, Former Ghosts, or simply as Zola Jesus. Either way, there's no denying her pure talent. Her voice is like a honey coated smoker's; deep dark and seductive. Nika & Rory is like a pop-goth dream. The best track with Former Ghosts is from the ep Fleurs released in October 2009, "The Bull and the Ram" where she croons  
speak louder/speak louder/tell me your heart...
It's so sincere she could make a baby cry. Newly released work with Former Ghosts includes the song "Chin Up", also proving to be a hit. Her solo work as Zola Jesus keeps getting better and better.There's absolutely nothing bad I can say about her. It's love.

Go here to download songs by Nika & Rory, Former Ghosts, and Zola Jesus.

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