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May - June Assingment: Make a Party Mix!

Due Date: June 30th, 2010

UPDATE! For disk submissions, please make sure they are audio disks, and can be played on any CD player--not everyone participating has access to a computer 100% of the time. Also, please sound check your burned disk before sending it in....We have been getting a few CDs that are super skippy and glitchy, and we can't import them to re-burn them. THANKS!

Theme for this assignment:

Say you find yourself in a situation where you have to attend a funeral, a wedding, a graduation, or even just a regular old party. Well why not maximize your experience by making your very own party mix for the occasion?!

Feel free to draw inspiration from any of life's bountiful experiences to make a mix that would be appropriate for that particular situation. The more obscure and/or specific the situation, the better! Cover art is required, and must include a description of the party the mix is intended for in words or in pictures.

And remember: HAVE FUN!

Share music, make art, and keep post alive.

How it works:
Following the assignment rules, make a mix and submit it by the deadline. The submissions will be mixed and matched to other Tender Validators, and mailed out the following week. Be sure to include (on a separate sheet of paper) the mailing address you’d like your mix to be sent.

* 12 song minimum, 1 disk/tape maximum
* Track list must be included
* Cover art required, and must include a description of the party the mix is intended for using words or pictures
* Return address provided (on a separate sheet of paper, please! )
* Please keep cd anonymous (you can use an alias)
* $3 for postage

Drop Locations:
-Leigh's hands (call me to coordinate a meeting time and place!)
- Zebra Club Downtown location- tell them you have a present for Jason

Mail In:
-Leigh’s Apartment (message me on FB, or email me at for address)

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