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March-April Assignment: Jonezin For Spring

TVMOTMC March/April Assignment
Due: April 30th, 2010

Objective:Share music, make art, and keep post alive.

Theme: Jonezin For Spring
It's been a long, mellow winter, and you can't wait for the real Spring to arrive. This is your chance to get way low, (or way high), and put together your favorite springtime jamz!!

What songs make you bloom?
What makes you want to rise on the third day?
What makes you want to spring ahead and not fall back?
Get ready to have some sunny fun!

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Tender Validations.

  • 12 song minimum, 1 disk/tape maximum
  • Track list must be included
  • Cover art required
  • Return address provided (on a separate sheet of paper, please! )
  • Please keep cd anonymous (you can use an alias)
  • $3 for postage

Drop Locations:
-Leigh's hands (call me to coordinate a meeting time and place!)
- Zebra Club Downtown location- tell them you have a present for Jason

Mail In:
-Leigh’s Apartment (message me on FB, or email me at for address)

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